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A fun character, Burt Macklin is a popular one on Parks and Recreation even though he is seen quite infrequently. If you want to pretend to be Burt Macklin in the same way that Andy Dwyer does, you’ll need a Yellow Shirt, Classic Brown Striped Tie, FBI Jacket, Black Pants, Brown Aviator Sunglasses, Black Boots and FBI Name Tag. If you are looking for a Burt Macklin costume, in this short post I will showcase the 5 best Burt Macklin costumes for Halloween that you will like to own.

5 – Burt Macklin jacket

Becoming a special agent takes a lot more than just throwing a jacket on and making up a fake name for yourself okay?, so maybe that is all that it takes! Lucky for you, this costume set comes with a jacket, along with the other components you need to transform into the greatest agent in the world. The navy blue jacket has buttons along the front. This set also comes with a Burt Macklin nametag, which is necessary for intimidating would-be hostile suspects (like Greg Pikitis). Who will solve the next big mystery on Halloween? When you have this officially licensed costume, you will… as the one and only Burt Macklin!

4 – Burt Macklin aviator sunglasses  

Does this look like a job for law enforcement? Look no further. Even though he’s “only” an alter ego, Andy Burt Macklin is the right man for the job. He’s a delightful goof who means business, and you can too at your next cosplay convention or Halloween party. And everyone knows that a good agent has a pair of dark aviator-style sunglasses, so Burt does too. So rock your parties or Halloween by wearing Burt Macklin sunglasses to look different.

3 – Burt Macklin badge

An FBI agent without a badge cannot be considered an FBI agent. So if you are planning to wear a Burt Macklin Costume you must buy a badge with it so that people may consider you as Burt Macklin. A badge is the only thing that completes the identity of an FBI agent, So try to complete your costume with a badge just like Burt Macklin.

2 – Burt Macklin

Burt Macklin is an alter ego of the Andy Dwyer character on Parks and Recreation. He is played by actor Chris Pratt and appears in several episodes of NBC’s hit show. Andy brings out the persona of Burt Macklin when he feels the presence of law enforcement is warranted, such as when role-playing with April’s ‘Janet Snakehole’ alter-ego, questioning local teenagers about vandalism or solving usually insignificant crimes such as who threw a pie and even to help Leslie obtain a copy of her birth certificate. Since appearing on Parks and Recreation, Chis Pratt’s star has risen out of site with starring roles in the massive blockbuster Jurassic World films, as well as the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. So it is no wonder that the Burt Macklin character is so popular despite only appearing in the show a handful of times. Maybe you want to get some friends together to dress like Pratt’s other characters, like Owen Grady from Jurassic World or Star-Lord (Peter Quill) from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Or, if you just love Parks and Recreation, Burt’s counterpart Janet Snakehole would be a great combination costume for you to share with friends or even other characters from the show like Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson. If you decide to dress as Burt Macklin, don’t forget to submit some photos to our Halloween Costume Contest!

1 – Burt Macklin t-shirt:

As part of his uniform, Burt wears a light yellow button-down shirt underneath his respected jacket. Dress like Burt Macklin Costume for Cosplay & HalloweenBurt Macklin looks like a super cool FBI Agent. He wears a light yellow shirt with a brown necktie around his neck, a blue FBI jacket, and awesome-sauce brown sunglasses.

Although Burt Macklin does indeed wear different colored shirts. He is most often seen wear a light yellow shirt. When making your Burt Macklin costume choose or buy a light yellow dress shirt that also has short sleeves. Try and choose a shirt that also has only the one pocket on the breast.