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Fursuits, originally known as zoots are animal based costumes associated with the furry fandom. The term, coined in 1993 by Robert King, can also refer to animal mascot costumes in general, as opposed to human or anthropomorphized object mascots.

Owners are known as fursuiters, furzooters, or suiter/zooters, while the act of wearing a fursuit is usually referred to as fursuiting (originally as zooting, named after the Chicano zoot suiters of the Los Angeles area of the 1940s). LavaFox (born September 2, 1986) is a fursuiter who lives in Yukon, Oklahoma, U.S.A.

LavaFox owns four fursuits, each of which she constructed herself:

  • LavaFox, her fox fursona.
  • Browny, a dog who is a Bloodhound/Great Dane/Husky mix.
  • Chewwy, a pink wolf.
  • Bardok, a winged creature of unknown species, named after a character from Dragon Ball Z.

Besides the typical full-body suit, the partial suit, where the suit’s body is substituted by normal clothing, is a popular variation. Three-quarter suits only include part of the body, like the torso or legs, appearing similarly to a funny animal character.

5-LavaFox fursuit:

 LavaFox is a fursuiter maker, having crafted partials since 2008. Many of her suits have been popular with younger buyers due to low prices for her standard set of a head, tail and hand paws, avoiding the problem of full suits being eventually outgrown. LavaFox has crafted and sold dozens of pre-made suits on eBay, plus occasional commissions.

4- Wolf fursuit

Just in time for Halloween.Wolf  Fursuit has a built in fan to help keep you cool. Comes with a tail as well. If you want paws included there will be an extra fee unless the suit hits.  it’s a good starter fursuit for semi younger people. Wolf Fursuits are heavily associated with the furry fandom by the general public, despite the fact that only 15 percent of its members own a fursuit, mainly due to their cost being prohibitively high.

3- Dragon fursuit

Meticulously modified, sculpted ,and painted, this Dragon fursuit is light weight while still offering a unique look and feel. The mask portion is a light weight plastic with strong apoxie sculpt clay for detailing. Dragon fursuit has the biggest hair. The wearer on the suit may look out form small mesh ports near the crystal clear domes. His hair is also able to be styled and set with hairspray. Celebrate your Halloween with dragon fursuit costume.

2- Sergal fursuit

The Sergal is a design that was influenced by a number of non-fictional animals, but isn’t a hybrid. Mick has stated that the design was originally inspired by rabbits and fighter aircraft, while the feet were based on those of rabbits and kangaroos.

1- Dog fursuit

Who do you turn to a cartoon character when you’re in dire need of a plush full-body suit that will make you look like a cartoon dog? That’s a question furries have to ask themselves all the time. The furry community encompasses a number of interests including fan art, comics, and music, but its most widely seen members are those who have made a hobby of dressing up in cartoonish anthropomorphic animal suits, usually made to their own design.