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Having the most beautiful party is the dream of most of us. There is thousand and millions to make a party unforgatable. Is it the perfect album for your guests?
Do you want Polaroid photos? Have your camera and pens ready so your guests for any party to sign in and then leave review can take photos at any time. Ask them to sign the photos, leave them on the table and ask someone to collect them at the end of the evening. You can keep them in a photo box or make a photo album. A graduation guest book is a perfect thing that should never miss at any party.

Use the idea of a photo album, but focus on one place. One couple decided to make a book with beautiful photos from Colorado, where they got married.

Are you a wine lover? Use corks! You can buy cork moulds or make your own. Ask each guest to write their name on the cork and then use the corks as decorations around the house.
During the month of November, Pop Blog celebrates all things kawaii. What better way to do this than to offer your cat kawaii coloring pages? Keep reading to find out about some of the best and most delightful products you can buy.

It’s hard to remember a time when cats and kawaii culture were not so popular, or maybe there wasn’t even such a time: I just wasn’t looking at them. Today, cats are internet stars, even more than dogs.

These cute cat items from Baby Spice Shop with Kauai, Harajuku and other pop culture items make a great gift for your loved ones.

If you love travel and adventure, celebrate with your own guest book! Choose a book that reflects your passion, for example with a map on the cover. Of course, it can be personalised with your names and wedding date.

Guest book for people coming to sign inside.

If you’re looking for a bathroom guest book, I have a custom design for you!

Whether it is for show or it real, this guest book concept is more powerful than ever.

If you want to make your wedding even more personal, you can order a personalised guestbook. This handmade, hand-painted tropical wedding guest book is gorgeous.

Cats and Kauai culture have always worked together to please people like me. So I’ve put together these 12 articles about cats and Kauai products that will delight anyone who loves cats and Kauai, or at least anyone who loves cats. I am sure they will appreciate such a gift.

If you like to surf, you can use it. This couple made a surfboard for their beach-inspired wedding and had everyone sign it. It was a real mileage logbook or business travel log book!

Want to make a big impression at your party? Leave a commemorative plaque at the reception after the ceremony. It’s the perfect canvas for signing. If you like scuba diving, this simple scuba diving log book will leave you speechless.

Mini wooden hearts are a great idea. You can order these hearts on Etsy or make them yourself. Ask your guests to sign the hearts and place them in the storage box.