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Let’s try to be totally cute with kawaii style art! In this article, we give you 9 tips on how to create really cute art, from color palettes to shapes, different design styles, and more. Learn how to make your artwork totally kawaii to meet all your cute design needs. Let’s illustrate true kawaii design with some great examples from the Pixabay Platform. In the end, we hope you can design a cute kawaii backpack to showcase your style the right way.

1- Simplicity is the key

kawaii girls doing yoga - kiki kawaii Shop
kawaii girls doing yoga – kiki kawaii Shop

Simplicity is the best place to start. In kawaii design, simplicity is the key to making your work enjoyable. Overly detailed characters or icons can turn something cute into something scary. Don’t be intimidated by that cute kawaii dress that you usually see out there. You too can make them. Too much detail, or anything too close to reality, can fall into uncanny valley territory, as it can be creepy rather than attractive and enticing.

I- Simple faces and simple shapes make up the art of kawaii.

Look for the Green Bean Society T-shirt. See the image above. Incredibly simple and cute. The small polka dot faces have small dots and a curved line. Note that this design has no additional features. This simple and cute design doesn’t need a detailed nose, ears, or eyes. However, these little blushes do not overshadow the design in any way but are more than welcome. Check on the kawaii dog on top of this cute t-shirt. You will love it.

You will also notice how flat the design is. Soft colors, simple lines, and small brush strokes. Simple; everything that

should be there and not a drop?

Kawaii Chicken - kiki kawaii shop
Kawaii Chicken – kiki kawaii shop

How to make a beautiful design? The example above from the How to Cute blog shows how simple shapes or objects can be made cute (especially kawaii). Learn how to do it in six easy steps with minimal information.

2- Maintain a beautiful palette

While all colors are a valid form of artistic expression, some palettes are simply more beautiful than others. This is largely due to the innocence of kawaii artwork for your kawaii cat and more., which has a lot in common with children’s design and children’s media.

This in no way means that kawaii art is only for children or children in general; we’re simply saying that they share a similar palette and sense of design, and now we’ll make some comments about some common palettes that work well.

Rainbow and pastel colors are especially common in kawaii art.

Rainbow, light, and pastel colors are especially common in Kawaii art. Bright colors often serve a wide variety of purposes: soft and sweet fruits, various objects, small delicate scenes with kawaii figures, etc. Since the artwork itself is often very simple, bright colors attract attention and the use of rainbow colors in the design makes the artwork even more charming.

pink kawaii frog – kiki kawaii shop

The pastel colors are soft and adorable, as is the design of the many kawaii figures. Think bunnies, candy flowers, or an assortment of sweets. Again, you can choose a rainbow color palette or incorporate real rainbows into the design to make it really pretty.

You can also use a limited color palette. If you don’t want to use too many colors, consider using a two, three, or four-color palette. This usually involves screen printing on products, but it can also be a fun design challenge. Take a look at some greatly limited color palettes below. Like most of our rabbit kawaii now we have also bunny kawaii. They are brothers from different mothers.

3- Seamless color transitions and monochromatics

When it comes to beautiful design, simple is better than boring, and flat colors are more popular in kawaii design. There’s no need to go to great lengths to add depth to a design if you simply use a thick outline and solid colors or even a small honeycomb pattern.

blue jellyfish kawai – kiki kawaii shop

I- Soft color transitions and soft colors make for a warm and charming design.

Sunlight in space, If you need more color variations for a traditional or digital job, consider soft color transitions like this beautiful sunburst, which allows you to add more detail while maintaining the beauty of the piece. The gentle gradient doesn’t overpower the design and is pleasant and appealing.

II- Rounded shapes and corners

The more you study the kawaii style, the more you notice that it has no sharp corners. This is a common feature of drawings for children and teenagers. The shape is usually rounded. This makes the artwork feel soft, squeezable, and even huggable.

III- Rounded corners create a friendly character

Vegetable cartoon characters. Rounded corners are friendly, which keeps the design from looking creepy when the cartoon plant has huge glowing eyes on its face. Suddenly the aforementioned prickly plants with slightly rounded tips look more like squeaky dog toys that people like to chew on than anything that might hurt the viewer. Or maybe you do like bear animals. We advise you to choose from our collection of kawaii bear plushies. The materiel is well worth your money.

Turning items from creepy to cute is like protecting a room from children: use the radius of the space to protect sharp edges. In this case, you need to slightly or heavily round the corners, depending on the type of design and how soft you want to make them.

4- Give it a face!

 funny kawaii ice cream - kiki kawaii shop
funny kawaii ice cream – kiki kawaii shop

This is perhaps the most common trope of kawaii style art: faces, everywhere! From a teacup to a snowflake, everything has a face. Anthropomorphic objects can be cute and funny, and they appear in artwork for all demographics.

Whether it’s stickers or badges, textile prints or package designs, toys or games, faces on small objects are a surefire way to turn ordinary things into kawaii-inspired designs. When in doubt, add a face! It’s that simple.

Literally, you can give a face to anything.
Temporary stickers.

5- Get emotional.

Now that you have faces everywhere, you may want to do more than just draw a smile on every cute object or character you create. That’s when we get emotional in our drawings, creating lots of emotions that we can portray, such as on funny little stickers.

See the image above. Happiness, anger, sadness, and so on are expressed with simple shapes and limited details. The “V” shape on the side causes the eyes to close or squint. Is this prickly shape angry or choleric? Show it with a displeased face or a simple color change. Is this prickly character sleepy or relaxed? Use closed or half-closed eyes to indicate this. Don’t share your kawaii lingerie with all your friends they may be jealous at a time. Your panty is private. I see out there a lot of insane things.

Picture the faces in the mirror and see how many lines or shapes you need to get the message across. Then change the face you have carefully added to everything you have drawn.

6- Food, great food!

kiki kawaii shop

As I’ve mentioned in several posts, food is a common theme in kawaii art. Perhaps because we need it as a species to survive. Maybe because it’s a common product that’s almost everywhere. Maybe it’s because food is your secret friend.

Whatever the real reason, food is ripe for the making of kawaii. Fruits, sweets, vegetables, and spices are ready for you to paint with bright or vibrant colors, draw a face on them and add them to your design. Food is a great theme for kawaii.

7- Creating fruit characters

Big heads, small bodies: We’ve talked a lot about objects, but what about characters that are human or humanoid? Normal people may have cute proportions, but they’re not exactly “kawaii”. You have to go beyond the usual bizarre cartoon design and enter a world of incredible cuteness. Big heads, often with big eyes and small bodies.

There’s not much room for detail in a small body, but there is. Take a look at these little heroes below, they have plenty of room for little details on their clothes, like belts on their clothes, little collars, and prints on the clothes themselves.

The big heads of the cute characters easily stand out above their small bodies and remain cute in kawaii design.
Chibi Character Creation Kit is one of our recommendations if you are serious about designing or buying a kawaii keyboard with a pink color frame.

Think about the details that can be used when designing clothes for little dolls: some details are there, of course, but showing folds, seams, or patterns used in realistic clothing designs is out of the question. Instead, the focus is on the head, hair, and face. Here is the best kawaii panda from the kiki kawaii shop.

The law of gravity has no place in kawaii design, often defying it and creating heads so large they could break a neck. In kawaii design, however, the large heads of cute characters can easily rise above their small bodies and remain cute.

8- Animals automatically become cute

cute unicorn kawaii – kiki kawaii shop

If we could skip the cutest things: animals! Cats, rabbits, dogs, birds, and more. We love and adore animals, so drawing them in round simple shapes is absolutely adorable.

Big heads and small bodies are other hints of what animals can be. Think of one of the most famous kawaii animals in history, Hello Kitty, and how crazy her proportions are compared to a real cat. They are, however, perfect for kawaii characters.

9- Animals are automatically cute Jumping Animals – Vector Set

Take a look at the jumping animals above. Notice how cute, rounded and simple they are. Flat colors, rounded legs, simple shapes, and small noses make the animals cute and stay in our memories.

We’ve talked about food, animals, household objects, people, and the weather, but what about teeth? Can teeth be kawaii? Look for something simple and interesting such as a kawaii hoodie in your wardrobe and then tune it the way you want.

Of course, they can! Here’s a great example of how something that is usually unattractive can become cute and lead to tooth decay. Look at this pirate tooth and try to tell me you don’t want a pirate tooth this beautiful on your wall. It’s impossible, don’t try it.

Conclusion: Almost anything can be kawaii Party with fancy dress

Almost anything can be cute and fit into the kawaii style, as long as it has the qualities mentioned in the previous tips: simplicity, cute faces, rounded corners, etc. Cars, bellies, tweezers, tax documents. They can all be cute and look like your best, most charming, and adorable friend. Imagine the possibilities that come when you take creepy or scary objects or ideas and turn them into cute and friendly kawaii-style concepts.