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Kawaii Fashion – Kawaii, the now universally accepted word for everything cute, cuddly, sweet, charming, and adorable. Combine “kawaii” with fashion and you get a new kind of style, unique and attractive. Most people associate kawaii fashion with Japan, as it started as a fashion trend many months ago and gives discreet fashion lovers the opportunity to show their special taste and style. Now you can get the kawaii phone cases almost everywhere around the globe.

If you travel to Japan today, kawaii fashion is almost ubiquitous. In fact, its popularity has crossed borders and is no longer limited to Japanese citizens – anyone interested can stroll down the streets of Harajuku (for example) and buy some kawaii fashion items to create their own. Harajuku has changed over the years and has adapted well to kawaii fashion, with the opening of crazy cafes and pastry shops – in our opinion, the perfect accompaniment to a day of kawaii fashion shopping!

cute Panka kawaii - kiki kawaii
cute Panka kawaii – kiki kawaii

Below, we’ve gathered some interesting facts about this cute culture that is sure to make you laugh.

Let’s pin up a bit of history about kawaii

Kawaii fashion emerged in the 1970s when a group of young people decided to rebel against the rigid and strict Japanese culture by creating a new form of calligraphy. The teenagers began to write backward, using round, curved letters with hearts, stars, marigolds, and cute faces. Slowly but surely this was reflected in their style of dress and they began to wear more and more ruffles, colorful prints, and feminine cut-outs.

Their behavior was soon reflected in their fashion choices by adopting the burrito style, where the women adopted the behavior and mannerisms of children (to show kawaii innocence). This was immediately accepted and encouraged by the public. Soon after, stores and cafes began to respond and cater to these groups with their products and services, thus starting a decades-long trend of kawaii fashion that has now become an integral part of Japanese culture.

Round kawaii animals - kiki kawaii shop
Round kawaii animals – kiki kawaii shop

Kawaii fashion has become synonymous with modern Japanese pop culture – and although it has become a global phenomenon, its roots are still Japanese.

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Kawaii fashion – Harajuku, where it all began

Harajuku is the undisputed kawaii fashion capital of the world. From those who grew up wearing kawaii clothing from the day they could walk to those who have only rediscovered this exciting fashion style in recent years, everyone flocks to the area to shop and enjoy the best of kawaii culture. In Harajuku, you will find everything from clothing, accessories, food, music, merchandise, and anything else you might need.

While it is unclear why the area itself has become what it is today, it was once an area where foreigners gathered and settled after the war, creating a catalyst for the development of a mysterious but growing subculture. Over time, more and more vendors decided to cater to the crowds and diverse tastes, and eventually, the area became the internationally renowned fashion center it is today. Being an aesthetic kawaii means more than fashion. You have to truly be that kawaii aesthetic and just that. Nothing else!!

kawaii Ice cream - kiki kawaii shop
kawaii Ice cream – kiki kawaii shop

Kawaii fashion: a different style

Kawaii fashion has now gone beyond cute and cuddly clothes. Some subcultures have evolved to the point where they are no longer mainstream, and below we take a look at some of the most popular styles.

The kawaii Lolita style

Lolita style (in the context of kawaii fashion, rather than by Western standards) is essentially the art of wearing Victorian-inspired clothing. It usually involves a variety of lace and/or satin clothing, including fluffy knee-length dresses, embellished stockings, corsets, and halter necklines. Also known as Lili. It is one of the cutest Lili kawaii out there. She is too adorable.

Cat Unicorn kawaii - kiki kawaii shop
Cat Unicorn kawaii – kiki kawaii shop

The kawaii Punk style

This beautiful punk rock style of kawaii fashion is particularly popular among young teenagers. The base color of most of their outfits is black, and although many punk outfits have moved away from this soft palette, they still retain the essence of kawaii punk fashion. To achieve this look, it was necessary to play with accessories – silver piercings, chains over the clothes, lots of zippers, and so on. In addition, the adopters of this style often wore plaid leather and clothing.

The top kawaii Cosplay

Cosplay (“costume play”) is certainly one of the most important branches of kawaii girl. Dressing up as a well-known and admired character from a movie, game, manga, or anime has taken the world by storm, and people all over the world attend cosplay kawaii conventions in cosplay costumes. Although cosplay has become popular in Japan thanks to the many famous characters of animated pop culture, people in Europe, Asia, and America love to participate in cosplay.

The cosplay Gyaru

A kawaii frog family - kiki kawaii shop
A kawaii frog family – kiki kawaii shop

The Japanese coined the term from the English word “gal” to define the kawaii fashion style that exudes the feminine nature of young girls. Most are cosplayers strive to create an innocent look of a child, often with bleached hair, makeup that accentuates large eyes, and clothing that resembles a typical American teenager. Some of us are already fans of these new kawaii unicorns that are popping it out all around.

Kawaii fashion – Popular brands

For those just starting out in the world of kawaii fashion, there are certainly some great brands that embody the essence of Harajuku. You can even get the kawaii stickers to re-pop your style.


Cute rainbow kawaii - kiki kawaii shop
Cute rainbow kawaii – kiki kawaii shop

This store is one of the top destinations for kawaii accessories and accessories in Tokyo. Their fabulous products include delicious imitations like donuts, macaroons, and ice cream, as well as accessories like badges, pencil hats, stuffed animals, t-shirts, hair clips, and more. These kawaii shoes are designed in a way of truly kawaii fashion way.


A light and feminine brand aimed at teens and twentysomethings with ruffles, pastel colors, and feminine frills.


The fashion concept of this store is a cross between glamorous Lolita style and vintage/retro fashion. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, you will find unique pieces here.


The atmosphere here is a bit more daring, less fussy, and more revealing. The brand sells a fashion “balanced between sporty and sexy”, which might appeal to those who like kawaii fashion but don’t like lace and ruffles.

Baby, the stars are shining

This list wouldn’t be complete without this well-known name. How to be kawaii with this time? This store has been serving lolitas for over thirty years and is a must-visit for all beautiful and feminine lolitas and accessories. They have everything to complete your outfit, from shoes with satin bows to sunglasses with ruffles.