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A business travel log book is the key that will help you maintain your car rightly. This car mileage log book contains tracking sheets to record all your vehicle trips, odometer, fuel consumption and more. If your are looking for ways to get better at recording all your business mileage properly, in this short article we will share at we had found to be the simplest and eaiest way to record all your car trips informations. Get this driver journal now.

A vehicle mileage log book is the new trend for people that are looking for ways to track their monthly or yearly mileage for their personal or business car. Even though most of those doing so are for tax purposes, a vehicle mileage log book is also beneficial to track and record your car odometer for maintenance reasons.  In this short article, we will share with you what we have found to be the simplest and most effective vehicle mileage log book, either for personal or business use. A business travel log book is what will add some extra cash to your yearly business report sheet.


After looking for many car mileage log books, we choose only two log books among many others. In this post, we will reveal what are the two best mileage log books and what you will have to pay attention to when buying a vehicle mileage log book. Keeping a vehicle mileage tracking sheet is always a good idea. So never hesitate if you are planning to use a vehicle mileage tracking sheet to carry in your car.

What is a vehicle mileage log book?

An odometer is a device that measures the distance traveled by a vehicle, such as a bicycle or a car. The device can be electronic, mechanical, or a combination of the two (electromechanical). A vehicle mileage tracking log book is the key to keeping you safe with your taxes report on your car expenses.

The odometer is perhaps the strangest, but also the most visible part of the car. If you ask a random car owner about the odometer, chances are they won’t know anything about it. On the dashboard, under the steering wheel, is an odometer that shows the distance ( mileage) traveled by the vehicle

This distance always increases no matter if you are going backward or forward with your vehicle. Now, in order for you to keep a record of the distance between each travel ( each time you make a movement with your car), you will need a journal. This journal is called a car mileage journal, a vehicle mileage notebook, or commonly known as a car mileage log book. This log book is where you save all your car trips with their respective mileage from start to finish. A vehicle mileage tracking sheet can contain most of the important information needed to track all your car mileage during a certain period of time. If you are doing it for business or for personal purposes. A good handle vehicle mileage tracking sheet can be worthy.

How to use the vehicle mileage log book for business ?

Using a mileage log book is so easy. The first thing for taking full benefits of a mileage log book is practicing the good habits of recording into it straight after the trip. Don’t postpone it for later. You will be really busy or doing something that you taught is so important at the moment. But everything is important when it comes to business. Moreover, it takes only 2 seconds to fill all the entries and you will still have a clear overview of the whole situation. If an employee or any other person uses the car, remind him to fill it out or at least make detailed notes of all the information that will help you fill it correctly. Now that taxe are a big deal, you shouldn,t play with your vehicle mileage tracking sheet anymore. Vehicle mileage tracking sheet is probably the most important tools in keeping record of all your car tracking odometers. This unique mileage record book can also be used for taxes purpose.

Advantages of a paper version of the mileage log book

The logbook can be easily stored in the company car, so no data will be lost since the mileage journal is very easy to access. If you want an advanced system, you can use a good logbook app but the information of those apps can be loose if you lost your phone. And moreover, most of those apps don’t have print features, making them difficult to take out all stored information. In other words, the paper version is more advantageous since it can be stored in the glove box of each car.

 Imagine sharing a car with many colleagues from different departments, who will be keeping those apps up to date?

 This will be so confusing for each trip to be recorded, this is probably why you should consider taking a vehicle mileage logbook paper as the best way to save and track your mileage. Making the paper mileage log book simple, and effective so that it will save you time and be easy to use.

 In this way, the mileage records become proof of ownership and proof that the driver is satisfied with the vehicle.

What are the basic requirements for a valid vehicle mileage log book?

In order to record kilometers and keep a log book for maintenance, insurance, declaration, or tax purposes, the employee must provide an accurate, clear, and detailed log book.  In order to determine the number of miles driven for business purposes during the year, the number of miles driven must be recorded in the logbook with some important information.

    Trips made by the vehicle must be recorded in the mileage log book, stating the purpose and intent of the trip. A vehicle mileage tracking sheet is suitable for any car owner, whether it’s for a small business or a family property.Those are the most important information that will never miss in a vehicle mileage log book:

  •     The name of the company.
  •     The name of the driver and the vehicle identification number (VIN) used for the trip.
  •     The date, time, and purpose of the trip.
  •     The destination of the trip.
  •     Distance traveled (departure and destination points).
  •     Number of kilometers traveled.
  •     Total number of kilometers traveled during the period.


    A good mileage log book is valid for at least 5 years. This will help you keep track of your fuel costs and manage them accordingly. A popular business travel log book can save you a lot of work. An auto mileage log book is fundamental nowadays since times fly like magic. You should keep your trip log book in good order.

Print your own vehicle mileage log book at home

You can customize your logbook to suit your needs and enter your mileage on your next trip. The advantages of this type of logbook are numerous: you can easily track your mileage and fuel consumption. There are several templates for such logbooks available online. You can download several of them and easily create your own logbook. This will give you an idea of your monthly fuel costs and help you save money where needed.

It will also help you maintain your vehicle, as you will know how often it is driven and when the next service is due.

Download your sample of a business travel log book to print yourself. You can customize it at home or at work so it can fit your needs. A premade car mileage log book can help you win productivity by saving you a lot of money and a lot of time.

There are many tax-compliant apps on the market that will help you keep a log and track the standard mileage rates set by the tax authorities. Of course, even the most popular apps vary in the features they offer.

Most professional mileage tracking apps offer basic features such as automatic detection of eligible trips, efficient recording of business travel expenses, and the ability to generate mileage reports for different dates, destinations, etc. There are thousands of mileage log books out there. Finding the best mileage log book is so tricky that I wouldn’t recommend you to even think of looking after it.

The role of automation in business mileage recording

Manually recording business mileage can be time-consuming and unnecessarily complicated. Automation can greatly simplify the process and make it more efficient.

    Automated forms, for example, allow you to quickly calculate mileage using built-in formulas and workflows tailored to your company’s spending policy. This mileage log book is really easy to use. It contains columns and tabs that will make the filling process really easy to follow.

    Employees no longer need to enter mileage at the beginning and end. Delays can also be avoided by ensuring that mileage claims are sent immediately to the approver (and then to the finance team for payment). A vehicle mileage record book is the perfect way to track your yearly auto mileage with exact matching.

Business travel log book whole purpose.

A business travel log book is the perfect tool that will allow you to track your daily trip in a simple and convenient log book. Depending on the circumstances and purpose for which you need a mileage and business travel log book, some business travel tracking apps also offer advanced features that allow you to automatically record travel expenses and even calculate and pay taxes. Even when some of them are still not so sophisticated, you will need to try them by yourself and then decide which business travel log book fulfills your need best. This is the best business travel log book to save your mileage in a dated car tracker form.