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Rock this year Halloween party by getting the look of the awkward teenager Napoleon Dynamite with a Brown Afro Wig, Metal Clear Lens Glasses, and Vote for Pedro Ringer T-Shirt, Fit Jeans, and Moon Boot Shoe Covers. You can get the accessories of Napoleon Dynamite costume also with a Trapper Keeper Binder, Casio Classic Digital Sport Watch, Lightweight Headphones, and Stereo Cassette Player. You will looker super cool and awesome in this dress if you wear it properly.

5. Napoleon dynamite wig: 

Napoleon dynamite wig is associated with positions of power or fancy dress for Halloween parties. Buy this wig for Halloween parties and you will steal the spotlight by just looking like napoleon. Make people laugh as you prance around the fancy dress party wearing this bright napoleon wig by giving a Unique, creative and funny look perfect for Halloween.

The people will love your idea of these types of crazy costumes wearing at Halloween party as well as it will give them a reason to have their eyes on you. It is more prominent as compared to other dresses of Halloween.

4. Uncle Rico boot:  

In a world full of slimy characters, Uncle Rico from the cult classic movie Napoleon Dynamite is one of the slimiest. Follow this guide, and you’ll be creeping people out in no time. To match his clothing, dress up in a brown Classic Polo Shirt beneath a Blue Vest. Then, go with a pair of Run & Fly Stone Wash Bell Bottoms paired with Black Ankle Boots.

To cover the basics, add a Brown Wig and White Headband. To take Uncle Ricos look to the next level, pick up a faux Medium Brown Mustache, Black Gem Gold Plated Ring, and a Timex Classic Digital Watch. With a look this good, you’ll be able to “throw a pigskin over those mountains” with your Wilson NFL MVP Football.

3. LaFawnduh costume:

Dress up as LaFawnduh and get your significant other to dress up as Kip for a guaranteed funny couple costume! You’ll be the hottest couple there, guaranteed! She wears several different outfits in the movie. The basic idea is to wear a tight-fitting sleeveless top, a tight-fitting pair of pants (either capri pants or skinny jeans), and a lot of bling! You should also consider painting your nails a nice light brown hue. With some makeup skills, you may also want to make sure you have the same thick, luscious lips.

2. kip costume:

Kip Dynamite happens to be the older brother of Napoleon Dynamite and he is quite an interesting character to choose to dress up as this year. He is still figuring out who he is as a person so he does things such as trying out a dojo class to talking to babes online. He is quite an interesting character and someone perfect for a group cosplay. We recommend finding a few friends who are willing to get the look of Napoleon or even as his wife, LaFawnduh to have a pretty cool group costume that will get others talking.

The things you will need to replicate the look is a blue sleeveless shirt, aviator reading glasses, a basic brown mustache, a Suddora wrist sweatband. Fleece sweatpants, Ninja sais, and slip-on sneakers.

1- Napoleon dynamite costume:

If you are striving for a simple, yet effective cosplay, must try Napoleon Dynamite. The title character and the films namesake, Napoleon Dynamite is your average socially awkward teenage boy. When you read the names of some of these items, you will understand why. A surprisingly great dancer, Napoleon would be lost without his Walkman. An oversized pair of metal-rimmed glasses, circa 1980s, and the all-important Trapper Keeper are just a start!

Napoleon Dynamite is recognized by two prominent features, his light brown afro and his Vote for Pedro t-shirt. Now the ringer tee is easy enough to find and iron on letters even easier if time is an issue. For group cosplay, you can add his best friend Pedro, his older and equally quirky brother Kip, or his steak-loving Uncle Rico.