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Oompa loompa costume will be a great idea to wear during Halloween gatherings. It will be an excellent idea for your kids to rock Halloween parties with this costume. If you want that your kid will stand out from other kids at a party, the Oompa Loompa costume for Halloween is best for you.

This costume not only preserves the innocent nature of your kid, but it will also be a source of pleasure for your kid. As all children love candies and chocolate, so they love the person mimicking their favorite character from the chocolate factory of Willy Wonka. It will be a brilliant idea to give the message to other kids that the largest candy factory workers from the fantasy world are back, and they are free to enjoy as many candies as they want.  There will be no restriction on children during Halloween to have limited chocolates and candies. They will be free to enjoy candies and chocolates.

It will be a flawless appearance for your little one during the Halloween party and if shares Halloween candies, sweets, or chocolate with the other kids then it will increase the popularity of your kid. It will be a manifest Halloween getup as it can be acknowledged straightaway. Furthermore, it is the symbol of sweetness, and pureness but hidden magical ill powers. Here are a few of the Oompa Loompa costumes for Halloween parties this year.

3. Violet beau regarde costume

As the name indicates, every accessory and costume is purple, representing the character Violet Beauregard. You have to wear an inflated giant purple dress like a blueberry. It will remind the other guests of the rude and stubborn nature of Violet beauregarde. You also have to wear purple tights with a purple headband on your head. For representing her character well, you must have to wear everything in purple color. Your shoes must also be purple if possible, but not necessarily. You can also choose to have black shoes. You must paint your face, your hands, or any exposed skin with purple paint. Also, remember to wear a belt on your belly. For additional authenticity, you have to chew a piece of gum during the Halloween party.

2. Willy Wonka costume

Willy Wonka costume is another good example of a costume for your children to wear during Halloween get-togethers. For this, you have to wear a long purple-colored velvet coat with a 2 inches top brown hat. For good mimicry, you must wear black shoes and black socks. Another distinctive feature of the Willy Wonka costume is the white colored ruffle shirt along with a two-toned purple and white vest over the shirt. To represent the vibrant character of Willy Wonka you have to wear light green colored pants. When you are done with all your preparations for Willy Wonka costume than at the end do not forget to wear a golden bow tie or scarf. If you pick up a stick while walking, then it will give added effects to your costume.

1. Oompa loompa costume

Oompa loompa costume is the representation of dwarfs in the chocolate factory of Willy Wonka. The costume consists of a chocolate-coloured shirt having striped white and chocolate-coloured cuffs and collars. The dark chocolate color of the shirt is showing the chocolate manufacturing process in Willy Wonka chocolate factory. It consists of a white colored jumpsuit over the shirt with attached suspenders and buttons sewn at the front side. Hook and loop closures are at the back of the jumpsuit. You must have to bring yourself or your child a green colored wig with a backward pointed puff at the center of your head. Hair length must be small just reaching your shoulders. Don’t forget to wear white gloves and striped white and chocolate colored trousers. To implicit your character perfectly, you must have to wear a good pair of sneakers with having a chocolate brown color. Additionally, you have to wear fake white colored thick eyebrows. It will be more fabulous if you will complete the gang of 10 Oompa Loompas.