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Imagination is a wonderful thing. It can take kids on a wild adventure without ever leaving home. Sometimes, we lose that ability as an adult, but kids hold on to it! It’s one of the reasons that children love dressing up in costumes so much. It’s also the basis for the entire movie, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D, directed by Robert Rodriguez.

In his elementary school, the unassuming Max might be an underachieving kid who has trouble making friends, but through the use of his imagination, he can see a world filled with heroes and villains. There, he breathes life into Sharkboy, the kid who can swim at blisteringly fast speeds and has razor-sharp teeth, and Lavagirl, the girl who can control fiery streams of lava.

5 – Inflatable shark

This Inflatable Friendly Shark is great fun in the water, at the beach, or in the pool. With two heavy-duty handles for maintaining control. Recommended ages 3 years and above. Great for making your own superhero or for outfit purposes. You can use them for a Convention character, an Anime character Cosplay a Fan Expo building your own hero building your own villain you just like the feel of the material, and much MUCH more.
Spandex Product Warning: Please keep away from the fire because spandex is flammable. This item contains a spandex mesh that covers your face eyes ears and mouth as well as hands and feet. This may limit your visibility breathing and your other senses which can be dangerous if used improperly or in situations that require your attention. Do not wear this product while driving riding a bike operating machinery while intoxicated or other similar activities that can be dangerous with limited senses. Do not wear the head mask while wet or while swimming.

4 – Lava girl wig

No one can stop Lava Girl’s fierce fashion sense! The hot pink outfit and molten lava accents really bring out her fiery powers, but her hair truly puts the finishing touch on her smoldering style. If you’re planning on cosplaying as Lavagirl from The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl then you had better have her electric hot pink hairstyle!

This Lavagirl wig is an adult-sized accessory that recreates the look of the intense superhero. It is made out of pink synthetic fiber and shaped into a long and wavy hairstyle. It fits with a mesh net on the interior which stretches to fit your head. Just pair it up with your Lavagirl costume and you will be ready to save Planet Drool in no time.

3 – Shark-boy Costume

Sharkboy is one of the main characters in the 2005 adventure film The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. As a figment of Max’s imagination, this made-up character is played by Taylor Lautner. Residing in the world created by Max Planet Drool Sharkboy was raised by sharks after he lost his own father at sea and ended up becoming a shark-human hybrid himself.

When Planet Drool is in trouble, Sharkboy prompts Max to return and help them save the land from the evil Mr. Electric. Along the way, we learn that Sharkboy has feelings for his counterpart Lavagirl however they remain just friends – possibly because Lavagirl cannot touch anything without burning it. If you want to become the boy who was raised by sharks, you will need a Sharkboy Wig Long Sleeved Thermal. Life Vest Compression Pants Men Rain Boots Tactical Gloves and a Shark Fin.

2 – Lavagirl Costume

Lavagirl is one of the main characters in the 2005 adventure film The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl where she is voiced by Taylor Dooley. This pink-haired superhero was created by the film’s human protagonist Max, and she is essentially a girl made out of lava. Lavagirl’s bright suit has cracks in it, which appear to have lava flowing out, giving her a powerful, fiery look.

We see her in the film as being friends with the film’s other title character, Sharkboy, and the two are known to regularly go on adventures together even outside of the events we see in the movie, and one of her main accomplishments is to help Max realize the importance of his own dreams. If you want to transform into a girl made out of lava you will need a Pink Wig, Full Body Suit, Life Vest, Red Paint, Armguard, and Rain Boots.

1 – Sharkboy wig

How does Sharkboy do it? He can swim as fast as a shark, his bite is a force to be reckoned with, and most importantly, his hair is always perfectly spiked. That is a superpower all by itself! Well, now you can have Sharkboy’s amazing hairstyle with ease. Just use this officially licensed wig

This adult Sharkboy wig gives you a look straight from The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. The wig is made of black, synthetic fibers that are shaped into Sharkboy’s signature spiky hairstyle. It fits with an elastic mesh cap and completes your Sharkboy cosplay with the fantastic form!