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Halloween parties are on its way and everyone is engaging nowadays to find the best slappy costume to wear in a Halloween party to gain the attention of people. So we are here to help you out with our best slappy costume idea.

Some people want funny looks or some are looking for scary ones. If you really want a scariest look for Halloween 2022 then what are you waiting for! Our slappy costume is best for you to attract many people and scare the whole in this officially licensed costume.

I assure you that you will give everyone goosebumps in this slappy scream-inducing costume. This costume is so scary, it might just give you…goosebumps! You will become your favorite horrifying dummy at the time for Halloween when you wear our Slappy the Dummy costume.

It is the perfect choice for any Goosebumps fan. By wearing this slappy costume at Halloween party you will show all of your friends how much you love Goosebumps.

3- slappy goosebumps costume:

Whether you are the puppet or the master this Evil, scary slappy goosebumps Dummy Costume is perfect for you. It is creepy lifeless eyes follow you everywhere while the separately connected mouth give that flapping head effect. The Slappy the Dummy costume is made of 100% polyester. Slappy also seems to mesmerize the viewer with his ultra-cool, Glow in the dark, ice-green eyes. 

A bow tie is also included to complete the creepy look. Our costume is made in this way that costume will keep you comfortable even you are scared at the time of Halloween. With this slappy goosebumps costume, you will surely at top of the Halloween party by dress up as everyone favorite puppet this Halloween with this Slappy Costume.

  2- Slappy kid costume:

Do you want to bring your kid along with you at Halloween and you are confused regarding costume and wants some scary look for your child then our slappy kid costume will gives you the solution.  The costume consists of a medium grey jacket that has a false pocket,  having four buttons and.a bright satin red flower on the label that matches the bow tie worn with Velcro at the neck. 

 The grey pants have an elastic back waistband, keeps your kid looking sleek even if he’s running around on Halloween night. All you need next is to practice the creepy accent to bring this story to life. It is time to bring Night of the Living Dummy to life when you give your kids our Goosebumps Slappy Costume. Our costume will keep your kid comfortable while they will be scared by themselves too. Lets your kid costume do the scaring on Halloween night.

  1. Slappy Mask  

With our scariest costume now you can creep out your friends and become one at the Halloween party with this mask. This costume includes a puppet mask that will give everyone the creep. The mask is made from Vacuform, which is a hallow plastic connected with an elastic band, a true throwback to Halloween mask of the 1960s. The best slappy costume is incomplete if you have not bought the slappy mask to wear on Halloween. Bring some spookiness to the scariest night of the year with everyone’s favorite demonic puppet. Just make sure you do not say the magic words….. “Karru Marri Odonna Loma Molonu Karrano”……or your Halloween may turn into true horror.