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If you love Ghostbusters, the Slimer costume is a must-buy costume for Halloween party 2022. Slimer is a character from the Ghostbusters franchise. The Ghostbusters have dealt with many spirits over the years but they will never forget the first ghost that they ever caught, Slimer. This green ghoul was roaming the halls of the Sedgewick hotel looking for anything he could eat off of the room service carts.

After years and years of complaints, the manager had finally had it with this unwelcomed guest that he called the Ghostbusters to get rid of him. What the manager didn’t know is that no ghost had ever been caught with the latest in ghostbusting technology. Slimer got to be the first spirit ever caught and like slimmer, you can become that ghost in this inflatable 5 best Slimer costume for this year Halloween 2022.

 5 – Velma’s costume

You can bring your favorite character to life from the classic Scooby-Doo with this Velma Adult Halloween Costume. It is a fun choice for fans of the show or for anyone who needs a costume that is easy to slip into and comfortable for a long night of Halloween partying.

This Velma Halloween costume entails a wig styled like the character and glasses along with the classic top with a turtleneck and long sleeves and a skirt with a pleat at the front. Any Scooby-Doo fan will know your character right away in this ensemble. The Velma Halloween costume is made from polyester and nylon materials for a comfortable fit. To attract more attention during Halloween parties, you must bring a book with you at gatherings.

4 –  Slimer inflatable costume

You will be sure to collect a huge attraction while wearing the Inflatable Slimer Halloween Costume. This fun and frightful ensemble includes an inflatable jumpsuit, a headpiece, sleeves, and gloves. It also contains a battery pack with a fan that helps enlarge the look and bring it to life.

You must buy pants with this inflatable costume in order to complete it or make it effective. The oversized headpiece covers the head and shoulders. You can wear this inflatable Slimer costume to a Halloween party. Surprise little ones that knock on your door by opening it dressed as this silly ghost. Dress up as everyone’s favorite ghost with this Inflatable Slimer Adult Halloween Costume.

 3 – Slimer t-shirt

No worries! If your shirt was slimed with ectoplasmic goo because you have an option to save the day with an awesome Ghostbusters style! Look your best when you go up against all of those spooks, specters, and ghosts with a funny Ghostbusters tee that shows off your favorite moments from the popular ’80s film like Slimer Here is a great way to express your inner passion for Real Ghostbusters with this SLIMER! t-shirt at the Halloween party. This casual-wear t-shirt, with its irresistible graphic print, adds a touch of art to your casual look and is great to wear at a Halloween party.

2 – Slimer dog costume

Slimer got his name because he is always leaving a trail of slime, eating all the food at headquarters, burping out loud, and other gross actions. If your pet(dog) fits that description, this item is perfect for them. The slimer dog costume comes as a wearable shirt front in green, there are sleeves, but is open along the back. It also has attached arms coming from the top, a hook and loop fastener underdog chin. the hood has h a Slimer head-worn which features its face. You may buy your dog this costume to play with at a Halloween party.

1 – Slimer mask

You can become your favorite Ghostbusters character when you top off your costume with this officially licensed Slimer mask! You’ll resemble your favorite Slimer character and stay comfortable at the Halloween party. you may be in first place for best costume with the outrageously funny Ghostbusters Slimer mask. The mask gives off the appearance your head has been transformed into the body of this pudgy, disgusting, yet undeniably lovable ghost. This Ghostbusters Adult Slimer Headpiece is sure to get a few good laughs this Halloween. The iconic character from the Ghostbusters legacy will complete any Ghostbusters look. The latex headpiece is easy to wear and detailed to look exactly like the Slimer ghost from the movies. With face and arm details, a Slimers body will wrap around your head.