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Over the years, many different kawaii fashion styles have emerged and today everyone can create their own kawaii fashion style. However, you can get a few basic pieces and start a long and fun fashion addiction.

Fashioned kawaii Accessories

Cute kawaii frog - kawaii shop
Cute kawaii frog – kawaii shop

Hair is an important part of the kawaii fashion. Whether it’s bleached or accessorized, it’s bound to be there. If you don’t feel like dying your hair pink, you can pick up some pretty hair sticks at one of the accessory stores in Harajuku. Better yet, add hair clips, hats, or headbands with wild prints to your list.

If you’re feeling more feminine, you can complete your outfit with crocheted socks, paired with flip-flops and closed shoes – the style of many a fashion kawaii. If you want to start small, you can decorate your backpack with cute bras and brooches, of which there are plenty in Harajuku stores. A kawaii goth can mean too much for some people.

Fashioned kawaii Dresses

Cherry kawaii fruit - kiki kawaii shop
Cherry kawaii fruit – kiki kawaii shop

Inspiration can be found on the aforementioned store’s website. Key items include knee-length dresses with lace and ruffles, Victorian-style skirts, beautiful patterns such as food and animal prints, tulle skirts in bright colors and pastels, patterned T-shirts, plaid pants and skirts, and fishnet stockings. You can even get kawaii nails to show up at your party.

Fashioned kawaii Shoes

Many opted for sturdy heels and solid or lace-up socks and completed the look with grunge-style leather boots such as Doc Martens. Kawaii fashion also includes colorful boots and wedges with ombre socks.

Kawaii Fashion – The Role of Icons

In most cultures, idols are usually celebrities whose musical, acting and styling skills complement their unique personalities and, in most cases, their incredible good looks. However, in Japan, kawaii culture includes not only real celebrities, but also famous and popular anime characters such as Hello Kitty, who, as many of you know, is one of the most famous cat characters not only in Japan but around the world.

Sunny kawaii town - kiki kawaii shop
Sunny kawaii town – kiki kawaii shop

what Harajuku girl really looks like

We have all been exposed to her products at least once in our lives, and over the years she has become the unofficial protector of kawaii, often portrayed as cute humans printed on inexpensive products and wearing culturally appropriate clothing. Wearing products emblazoned with Hello Kitty, such as backpacks, pencils, stickers, and pendants, often indicate to the public that you are part of the kawaii culture movement, and most people wear them loudly.

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Of course, there are celebrities who wear kawaii fashion as part of their brand and personality, and this list would not be complete without Kyara Pamyu Pamyu, a musician who is very popular for her unique voice and stylish kawaii clothing. Unique and recognizable both on and off the stage, she has gained a large, young, and loyal fan base over the years.

yellow, red, purple kawaii vegetable - kiki kawaii shop
yellow, red, purple kawaii vegetable – kiki kawaii shop

These two celebrities are very famous and have a large international and national audience. However, it is impossible to write an article about kawaii culture icons without mentioning some of the Harajuku stalwarts who have become celebrities for their style, glamour, and growing presence (on the streets and online).

For example, Japanese teens Kaeru and Hino are often spotted by photographers on the street wearing eye-catching Harajuku outfits. With their unique style and confident demeanor, they have a large following on social media, where they continue to dominate by regularly posting about their outfits and walks around town. This kawaii food can make a great difference to your kawaii animal.

Lavender and Hina Haraji Harajuku Fashion

We hope you enjoyed this short article on the Japanese kawaii fashion subculture. It’s always good to understand how and why an expressive movement, especially one as subversive as kawaii fashion, has evolved over the years. Even if you have only a small interest in the style, we encourage you to pick it up.