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If you want to rock Halloween, These 5 best Winifred Sanderson Costumes are perfect for you in 2022. To give the message that Sanderson sisters are back and no one is safe during this 2022 Halloween season, this is the flawless appearance for you. It will be a great Halloween costume as it can be recognized instantly. It is the symbol of witchiness and black magic from the 1600s.

Another reason for choosing this costume is that it will attract a lot of attention during Halloween parties. Here are the 5 best Winifred Sanderson Costumes for Halloween 2022 for rocking the Halloween parties this year.

Winifred Sanderson Costume:

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Winifred Sanderson costume entails a purple renaissance gown having a close-fitting body decorated by gold-colored strips and a long skirt dangling down the ankles with bulging shoulders and long sleeves. The costume also includes an emerald-green cloak over the renaissance gown.

The costume is incomplete without striped green and black knee-high stockings, and black ankle boots having very pointed tips.  Don’t forget to take an old book in your hand to demonstrate the detailed character of Winnie. If you want to add more realistic effects to your Halloween costume, wear fancy finger rings, golden-colored earrings, and a black colored choker or necklace.

You must wear serious and maddening looks on your face which will be an exact reflection of the character of Winnie. Long claws like nails is another remarkable and representative feature of the witched personality of Winifred Sanderson.

4. Mary Sanderson Costume:

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Costume of Mary Sanderson consists of an orange peasant top with a brown old-fashioned vest over the orange top with a jerry-rigged skirt consisting of earthy brown and orange colors. There are many metal rings attached at the bottom of the brown vest to represent outdated fashion from 1600s. The Mary Sanderson costume is incomplete without a bright red cape and a pair of ankle black shoes.

Mary’s character will be more genuine if you wear fancy rings and custom necklaces representing your character. For complete indulging into Mary’s character, take vacuum cleaner with you during Halloween parties to attract more attention.

Also, don’t forget to style your hair in an unconventional and pointed twist. If you take a broomstick with you at Halloween party, it will give a more realistic look to your character. Constantly biting left corner of your lower lip, augments lucidity to your character.

3- Sarah Sanderson Costume:

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Sarah Sandersons costume entails a recreating red medieval gown along with a long ankle-length purple cloak to wear over the gown. The costume can’t be completed without wearing a witch style sharp pointed black shoes. Also, don’t forget to wear a curly long blonde wig to style your hair in Sarahs style. Wear a red corset belt over your dress to give a more realistic look to your costume.

To attract more attention during Halloween parties, you must bring broomstick with you at gatherings. Sarahs costume will be unrealistic without wearing a fancy set of rings and applying dark nude lipstick.

2- Winifred Sanderson Wig:

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Winifred Sanderson had red curly hair styled up in a heart-like shape. If you really want to rock the Halloween party, you must buy a Winifred Sanderson wig along with the costume. Only the costume will not give the perfect looks, so a Winifred Sanderson wig is a must with the costume. You must look for a red voluminous and backcombed wig having curly hair like the red queen style wig. Hair necessarily tied up in the form of a heart to get the perfect looks during Halloween parties.

1- Winifred Sanderson Teeth

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Long front teeth are a characteristic feature of Winifred Sandersons character in Hocus Pocus. Big front teeth can add more realism to your witchy costume during the Halloween gatherings. It can be uncomfortable and annoying but it will get the attention of every visitor towards you during the Halloween get-togethers. Big and long rabbit like front teeth adds saneness to your witchy character.